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When Death Occurs Decisions Can Be Difficult.

At GardenHill we will assist you in creating a meaningful funeral ceremony by discussing your options, guiding you through the arrangement process, handling many details and providing you the information necessary to make decisions.

Death Away from Home

When funeral arrangements must unexpectedly be made away from home, GardenHill Funeral Director Services Inc. will assist you in any way that we can.


Call GardenHill Funeral Director Services Inc. at (973) 675-8401 or 888-675-8401 day or night. It is not usually necessary for you to contact an out-of-state funeral home. We can do this for you. We will make the arrangements necessary to transport the deceased to the out-of-state funeral home for embalming, preparation, and return to New Jersey. We will need some basic information from you, and we will ask you to call us upon your return to New Jersey to set a time for an arrangement conference.

Death in an institution

When the death occurs at a hospital or nursing home, the medical staff should take care of all necessary legal steps. You just need to notify the medical staff that GardenHill Funeral Director Services Inc. is the funeral home handling arrangements so they can have you sign any necessary release paperwork.

We are here for you when you needs us.

Unanticipated death at home or elsewhere

In these situations, immediately call 911. The police and emergency medical personnel will then determine the appropriate steps to be taken. In certain cases, the body may need to go to the Medical Examiner's office so that they can determine the cause of death.


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