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Listed below are samples of various funeral merchandise that we offer. If there is any item you wish that is not shown please call us anytime at 888-673-3073.

Vaults and Graveliners


Every cemetery has its own burial requirements. Depending on which cemetery you choose, you may be required to purchase an outer burial container to surround the casket in the grave. These outer containers are often referred to as burial vaults or grave liners. We can help you determine if you will need a vault, and which one is right for you.

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We offer Hardwood caskets, along with caskets of bronze, copper and steel, offer a wide selection and price range to select from.

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Urns are specifically made for holding cremated remains.


They range in shape and size, and can be simple in form or a true work of art. The urns we offer come in a variety of natural materials, such as bronze, wood and stone. We also offer smaller keepsake urns, mementos and jewelry.

Click Urn image to view our online selections.

Cremation Containers


Container Options for Cremation include:

Hardwood Caskets for those desiring the very best; Cremation Containers for those wanting a simple yet dignified container to protect their loved one.

Click image to view cremation caskets.

Floral Tributes


Our staff can assist with floral tributes from family and friends. A wide variety of selections are available that can be displayed at the service, ceremony or visitation.


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Memorial Blankets and Funeral Programs


Personalized Memorial Blankets :

We offer a variety of Personalized Memorial Registry Books, Funeral Programs, Prayer Cards, and Acknowledgement Cards that can reflect the life and interests of your loved one.

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