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To help families during difficult times who are searching for an affordable Direct Cremation Service in the state of New Jersey give us a call at 973-675-8401. Our option for  At-Need Direct Cremation do not include cash disbursements: (Death Certificates, a ceremony, Crematory Fee,  Embalming, Limos, Flowers, Clothing, Urns, death notices, mailing of or delivery of cremains). 

Cremation is irreversible, the State of New Jersey requires that a minimum of 48 hours must elapse after a death before cremation can take place. In addition, the death certificate must be completed and authorization(s) from the next of kin must be obtained.

No human remains may remain unburied or uncremated in New Jersey for more than 48 hours unless embalmed or refrigerated. (N.J.A.C. 8:9-1.1)

What is Included in Direct Cremation


Direct cremation includes:


  • the use of the funeral Director and Staff for coordination of the removal from the place of death/Crematory

  • Cremation Container included

  • filing of the necessary paperwork for death certificates, cremation disposition permits, and Social Security

  • the cost of death certificates are not included (your requested copies will be in addition).

  • the packages do not include cash disbursements.

  • transportation of the deceased to and from the funeral home and then to the crematory the fees vary base on removal location and Crematory location this cost is to be added.



The cost of the cremation (the crematory fee) is not included.

You should expect to pay the crematory fee in addition to the Direct Cremation. Crematory fees typically range from $275-$510.  Storage or Refrigeration, Mailing fees typically range from $85.00 to $300. House Removals and Certified Copies of death certificates are $25 per copy. The cost of an urn and death notices varies.

Other Options:

Cremation can follow a traditional funeral where the visitation, funeral service and committal take place in the funeral home or church. If the family wishes, the committal can take place at the crematory where they can also witness the casket or container being placed in the cremation chamber. We offer the use of a rental casket with a cardboard insert so that a traditional viewing may be held without the need to purchase a casket.





Below is a link to our Vital Forms which will be helpful when making your arrangements. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us for assistance.

Click below to download and complete the forms and present to the funeral director or fax them back to 973-866-5656 or email: for additional assistance please give us a call at 973-675-8401 press "0" or ext. 215.  Upon receipt, a funeral director from our office will contact you to discuss your options.


Our Direct Cremation
fees are
$1595 & Up

forms Icons.jpg

Prices are subject to change without notice.

*Crematory fee is not included in this fee.

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