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Public Assistance Benefits



In certain circumstances the New Jersey Department of Human Services may provide funds to help pay funeral expenses for needy individuals. Eligible individuals include those receiving Medicaid or Supplemental Social Security Income (SSI).


The state can provide $2246 towards the funeral expenses and $524 towards the cemetery or crematory costs for a total of $2770. Family and friends may supplement up to $1570 toward the funeral expense for a maximum total of $4340. The total funeral cost cannot exceed $4340 and the decedent’s assets cannot be used to supplement the funeral.


The chart below illustrates the amount of reimbursement available:



Age                Funeral Home    Cemetery     Combined Funeral Home/ Cemetery    Allowable Supplementation    Maximum Funeral/Burial Costs

2 years+                $2,246                $524                                        $2,770                                          $1,570                                             $4,3401

wk - 2 yrs              $1,684                $393                                        $2,078                                          $1,178                                             $3,256

Stillborn- 6 days  $1,123               $ 262                                        $1,385                                             $785                                             $2,170

How to Arrange a Public Assistance Funeral


At the arrangement conference the family should inform the funeral director that the deceased was receiving public assistance and might be eligible for burial assistance. In New Jersey funding for public assistance (welfare) funerals is obtained through the county board of social services where the deceased was receiving benefits.


The funeral director contacts the county social services office with the deceased name, date of birth, date of death and social security number. If they determine that the deceased is eligible, the funeral home is given a control number and social worker contact and phone number.


The funeral home and family can then arrange a funeral meeting the guidelines shown above. The funeral home provides the family an itemized list of expenses - the Statement of Funeral Goods and Services.


Effective in April 2017

The Essex County Department of Citizen Services, Division of Welfare must be faxed the information to obtain  approval and a control number. If the funeral and cemetery expense is approved , the funeral director and cemetery  will be advised to complete and submit the vouchers (Mortuary & Cemetery) forms as provided  for payment.


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