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Indigent Burial clarity

GardenHill Funeral Director Service, Inc. is a contracted provider for the Essex County Indigent Burial Service, for burial services strictly upon the county's approval of applicants initiated by the County officials legally empowered to make such determination. This communication is intended solely for guidance and informational purposes and should not be construed as an advertisement or promotion of Indigent Burials. Recognizing that we are an independent entity, not direct employees of Essex County, is crucial.

Eligibility for the indigent burial service requires direct contact and approval from the Essex County Morgue Keeper’s Office or the County officials legally empowered to make such determination. Our services provided on behalf of the county are limited to burials, which are activated only after Essex County provides formal authorization, ensuring all specific service requirements are meticulously met.

County Officials legally empowered to make the determination can offer this service as a measure of last resort for deceased individuals deemed indigent or unclaimed, applicable regardless of their residency, provided the death occurred within Essex County. As a dedicated service provider, GardenHill Funeral Director Service, Inc. adheres to high professionalism and compliance, aligning our operations with New Jersey Mortuary regulations, laws, and Essex County's protocols and ensuring each case is treated with the utmost dignity and respect. This provider does not authorize indigent burials we only provide service to emailed authorization with support documents received from the County of Essex Morgue keeper's office.

You are directed to contact:

Essex County Morgue Keeper/Indigent Burial Coordinator

Essex County Division of Family Assistance and Benefits

Valentina Richardson Green 

Morgue Keeper



Alexis Blount 

Assistant to Morgue Keeper


50 South Clinton Street

East Orange, NJ 07018

320 University Avenue, 2nd Floor

Newark, NJ 07103

For answers to your questions, please contact the county of Essex  Morgue Keeper, A County Official Legally empowered to determine or their designee for assistance, or any county office for guidance. 

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